Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore, Exhibition “survival nature”

We are pleased to announce our participation in the exhibition “Survival Nature” at Ginza Tsutaya.
This exhibition brings together works by a total of 14 artists of various nationalities and ages, ranging from well-known artists such as Christo and Leandro Erlich to young artists such as Naomu Haruhara and Iku Harada.

This exhibition, titled “Survival Nature,” will reexamine nature through art, with “life and nature” as the keywords, and will question how humans can survive in the future, in the face of the development of bioengineering and the pandemic we are experiencing today.

The exhibition will also feature works by artists such as Naoman Haruhara and Natsuna Kang, who continue to create works based on their experiences in nature; Iku Harada, who creates virtual forests on the computer and transforms them into paintings; Yasuyuki Kadohira, who creates pop tree reliefs; Todo, who uses glass between distinctive paintings; and Masatake Kohzaki, who mixes future projections and flower and bird paintings. Also on view will be paintings by Keiji Ishida, which offer a glimpse of human nature with a strong narrative quality, and works by Tomomi Sasaki, who creates works that address the issue of the boundary between beauty and medicine.

In addition to Christo, a pioneer of site-specific art and fresh in the memory for his packaging project for the triumphal arch in Paris, the exhibition also features works by Leandro Erlich, Eko Nugroho, Teppei Fujii, Oiwa Oscar, Adel Abdesmed and others who have participated in international art festivals (Setouchi International Art Festival, Okunoto International Art Festival) using large natural environments as stages for their work. The exhibition will be held in the heart of Ginza and will also introduce the artists participating in the Setonai International Art Festival and the Okunoto International Art Festival, and will showcase their works in conjunction with the local art festivals.

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「Survival Nature」

Survival Nature

Dates: November 13, 2021 (Mon) – November 23, 2021 (Tue) *Close date is subject to change.
Hours: 11:00 – 20:00
Venue: Ginza Tsutaya GINZA ATRIUM (event space)
Admission: Free
Organizer:Ginza Tsutaya
Inquiries: 03-3575-7755 (during business hours) /