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西澤の作品は、これらの化粧道具達を素材・題材としながら、自身の日常風景を写真や彫刻によってシュミレーションする。空間インスタレーション作品、「NaturalMake Up」というシリーズにおいては、自身の寝室のありとあらゆるを医療器具と合体させ、寝室を美容整形の手術室へと変化させことで、美容と医療の世界の境界線の曖昧さを表現している。作中において自寝室に置かれた家具は全てアンティークであり、これは成長や老いという時間を寝室に重ねあわせ、医療の進化や流行の変化という時間の流れが、自身の成り立ちと相対的に歩んでいることを示唆している。また写真作品シリーズ「EYE LASH STORY」においては、付けまつげが薬品から作り出され、マスカラによって成長し、ビューラーによって立ち上がり、そして風船に乗って旅にでる。これはまつげを手入れし、「育て上げ」て始めて自分自身の「顔」を獲得するまでのストーリーである。



What I try to say? There is no “natural face”! If removing makeup, making a straight face, and taking off false teeth, my face shall not be natural. Therefore, where is my natural face? Probably, there is it at the moment when using a cosmetic liquid, doing a makeup, and making the best smile. My natural smile with passing my mother’s hand over my face has changed to my smile now making by mascara, lipstick, and puffing foundation. If externally expressing my smiles and any other expressions by my affections and minds, the makeup tools using everyday will make present my affections and minds. Today, the makeup tools should be my spiritual materials, and the moment when these makeup tools touch on my skin is the time of spiriting for me.

The NISHIZAWA Creations with these makeup tools as a material and a subject, will be simulated the casual daily circumstances of itself by photos and sculptures. According to the series of “Natural Makeup” of the space installation creations, a fuzzy border between the beauty care and the medical care is expressed with combining the medical tools to own bed room, and changing own bed room to a cosmetic surgery room. Setting all antique furniture in own bed room through the creations, it means a time of own growth and aging in the bed room, and stream of time like a medical improvement and a trend changing means relatively proceeding with own history. And, according to the photo series of “Eye Lash Stories”, the false eyelashes are made from chemicals, and grown by mascara, raised up by eyelash curler, so anybody can trip out on the balloon. This is a story for everybody, who obtains the eyelashes and “builds up them”, finally can fix own “face”.

These creations likely show temporary existence of sophisticated women and danger of periodical beauty. However, they are actually questions for current human lives and minds. Because there is, at least, one answer for “border between substance and human” or “proof of human being”, which will be faced by evolution of the iPS cells and the clone technologies in near future.